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The religious exemption handbook is a most valuable resource supplied by Rita Palma at

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Important Tips & Info on Writing a Religious Exemption Letter for Work/ College

  1. There is no ‘form’ religious exemption letter. The letter must be sincere, genuine and unique and explain how your religious beliefs connect to refusing vaccines. Since a personal religious belief/ interpretation is permitted by law, make sure the letter outlines your interpretation.  It does not have to be long. You need to be able to stand by the beliefs conveyed in your letter.
  2. Below are some commonly held beliefs and how they connect to refusing vaccines. PLEASE think on these and elaborate, or think through your own: 

Betrayal of Faith: Many people have faith that their Savior is their ultimate healing power and as such, consider the acceptance of vaccines on a healthy body as a betrayal of faith. They feel that you cannot believe the Lord heals all diseases while ‘hedging your bets’ with vaccines. Additionally, Jesus spoke of seeking out the help of a physician only when you are sick, not when you are well.

Corruption of the Blood: Many see the vaccine ingredients as corrupting the sanctity of the blood with the unnatural components not created by the hand of God. Many faiths view the blood as sacred.

Aborted fetal tissue is used in the manufacture or some of the vaccines; this means that abortion is involved in the manufacture of vaccine products. Innocent souls have died for the creation of these products. This points to an industry that disrespects and disregards the sanctity of life. In fact, the industry profits from the abortion industry. It is not recommended to use this as you your only objection.

  • Can I get an exemption if I was/ have vaccinated in the past?
    Yes, people change their beliefs or add to their belief systems every day. People have epiphanies; sometimes a life experience causes them to rethink a religious perspective. Or, they come upon new information, i.e., the components in the vaccines. Based on this new information, they had a change of heart. This is totally acceptable. 
  • Do I need to provide a letter from a religious figure?
    No, it is NOT legally required but can be helpful. If you want to and you can, have the religious authority attest to your honesty, devout nature, how long they have known you etc.
  • Do I need to include scripture in the letter?
    An explanatory reference to scripture is helpful, or you can include it verbatim from whatever religious writings/ documents you support. Explain clearly what it means to you and how it connects to refusing vaccines. See above themes. 
  • Do I need to notarize the letter?
    Notarizing the letter is not legally required, but recommended to give conviction and truth to your letter. By notarizing, you are swearing all its contents are true.
  • You are protected under The Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits religious discrimination in the workplace
  • You are protected under vaccine exemption laws in the state in which you are attending school. The law is different in every state. For ex., the NYS law is Public Health Law 2165. Start your research your state at:


You may wish to include some form of the following in your statement – but DO NOT depend solely on the fetal cell criteria because there are 100s of vaccines in the pipeline that may avoid it.

The development of each of the three current COVID-19 vaccines currently in use involved aborted fetal tissue of human embryonic stem cell derivation lines. My beliefs prohibit me from submitting to and receiving any treatments that have been tested, developed or use aborted fetal cell lines.

·       Johnson & Johnson/Janssen: Fetal cell cultures are used to produce and manufacture the J&J COVID-19 vaccine and the final formulation of this vaccine included residual amounts of the fetal host cell proteins (≤ 0.15 mcg) and/or host cell DNA (≤ 3ng)

·       Pfizer/BioNTech: HEK-239 abortion-related cell line was used in research related to the development of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

·       Moderna/NIAID: Aborted fetal cell lines were used in both the development and testing of Moderna’s COVID vaccine.


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