Press Conference – 2/11/22

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Take action against Covid Camps

SUMMARY: Attorney Gina Antonelli hosted a press conference with Sheriff Mike Carpinelli – to make public an URGENT call to ACTION as Governor Hochul is in the process of bypassing the NYS Legislature to extend government overreach by proposing rule changes to SAPA, State Administrative Procedures Act, and regulatory changes in the NYS Department of Health.

Residents of NYS were relieved when A416 was recently pulled by the Assembly. This bill allowed for the arrest and detention of “public health threats”. In response, Hochul bypassed the Legislature making plans to pursue regulatory changes in the NYS Department of Health. This is clearly a back door approach to accomplish an overreaching agenda. These changes involve a public comment and review process which ends on February 14, perhaps the Governor’s way of saying Happy Valentines Day to New Yorkers!


Why do New Yorkers need to comment against the regulatory changes? These changes open the door for expanded overreach regarding vaccine and other COVID related mandates. In addition to quarantine and detention facilities for residents, future provisions are being made for mandatory vaccinations for school-age children with the potential lack of parental consent. The Department of Health and Governor could soon be making crucial personal decisions for our families.

In addition to these regulatory proposals, Governor Hochul has refused to lift the mask mandate on children in school. She is keeping the least vulnerable population masked while evidence demonstrates the emotional and developmental harm that masks have on our children. Studies show the masks DO NOT stop the spread of COVID but DO cause health, developmental, and communication delays and issues. Parental choice is being seriously hindered in decisions that concern their children’s health.

Bureaucratic control over New York’s precious children must end. New Yorkers must take a stand together to oppose these threats to their freedom. To find out how and when to oppose these changes, people are being asked to come to a News Conference to be held as follows:

Friday, February 11, 6:30 pm

6 Cottage Place Utica NY 13502

Hosted by Attorney Gina M. Antonelli, Esq

Lewis County Sheriff Mike Carpinelli and Candidate for NYS Governor

READ more about this Governmental OVERREACH


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