Quarantine Lawsuit Appeal Oral Arguments – LIVESTREAM – September 13, 2023 -10 am sharp!

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Livestream from the Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division

Quarantine Camp Lawsuit Back in Court!

Wed, Sept 13, Rochester NY, Rally at 9 am


New York Governor Kathy Hochul issued a regulation we call the “Quarantine Camp Regulation” that allowed anyone to be detained for the mere suspicion that they were exposed to a communicable disease, no proof required, detained people can be held indefinitely, and there is no procedure in the regulation for people to be released.

Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox got that regulation struck down in court, but Hochul wants her Quarantine Camps back! She has appealed, and the case will be heard in Rochester, NY. 

Everyone should show up at 9 am for a peaceful rally to show support. Court hearing begins at 10 am – this may be the most important health freedom lawsuit of the year! 

Supreme Court of the State of New York,
Appellate DivisionFourth Judicial Department
50 East Avenue, Suite 200,
Rochester, NY 14604 


The night before, September 12, there will be a fundraiser in Rochester for the case – get details here).

Here’s a video of Bobbie Anne Cox interviewed by Michael Kane on CHD TV:





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