Last Stand For NY – Stop Unelected Governor Hochul’s Power Grab

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gina for liberty press conference

Standing room only at Gina For Liberty Press Conference 2/11/22

Press Conference with Sheriff Mike Carpinelli – 2/11/22

CALL: 518-473-7488

BREAKING NEWS: Sheriff Mike Carpinelli  -talks about a camp that may already be built in New Paltz NY

Click above image for Sheriff Carpinelli video clip

NY Sheriff Mike Carpinelli who is running for governor of NY spoke at the news conference on 2/11/22 about Hochul’s quarantine camps. He mentions a questionable large camp being built in New Paltz, NY. The purpose of the facility is not known. It is a large property with a fenced in with barbed wire, constantine wire, guard dogs, and people in uniforms with no patches. The facility also allegedly has 11,000 gallon fuel tanks buried in the ground. This is concerning and people would love to see an investigation of this issue.

Watch full WVVC TV coverage 

Read the NYS proposed regulation for yourself.

NY Take Action: Last day 2/14/22  to comment on outrageous proposed NY regulations

Today is the last day to submit comments on three outrageous New York State Department of Health regulations that un-elected New York Governor Kathy Hochul is pushing through the regulatory process.

We believe all three regulations are illegal for many reasons especially because the Governor is attempting to give herself completely new powers that can only be given by the passage of a law through the legislative process. Hochul is bypassing the legislature because she knows they would not give her this authority. She is attempting to give herself unprecedented new authority in a blatant power grab.

The regulations would do the following:

Arrest and detain indefinitely suspected public health risks

The Governor and public health authorities want to give themselves the power to detain anyone who presents the “possibility” of infection with a communicable disease and hold them until the public health authorities determine they are no longer infectious. The regulation is so vague that anyone could be detained and held indefinitely. The regulation ignores basic rights of due process and equal treatment under the law guaranteed by the United States and New York State Constitutions.

 Read the proposed regulation here:

Click Oppose NY Covid Camps to send comments on this proposed regulation that you can modify if you wish.

Permanent authority to order masks

Hochul also wants the authority to require masks in all public places without having to declare a public health emergency. The proposed regulation includes language that would allow distinguishing “between individuals who are vaccinated against COVID-19 and those that are not vaccinated.” This would allow mandating only un-vaccinated people to wear masks as a means of punishing dissent and dissenters. We know that the vast majority of masks in use do not prevent the transmission of Covid.  This is a completely new power that cannot be given to the Governor by the Governor in a regulation. 

Read the proposed regulation here:

Click Oppose NY Permanent Mask Regulation to send comments on this proposed regulation that you can modify if you wish.


Expanding workers required to get Covid shots 

Workers required to get Covid shots will expand to include a whole new group of workers not covered under existing rules. Religious exemptions will not be allowed which violates the New York State Human Rights Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This rule ignores federal law that prohibits compelled use of medical products covered by an Emergency Use Authorization.

Read the proposed regulations here:

Click Oppose Covid shot mandate for more workers here to send comments on this proposed regulation that you can modify if you wish.

Or send your comments here today:

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