It is time New Yorkers unite no matter what political party affiliation. Liberty Conference October 29, 2022

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What does it mean to be a Constitutional Sheriff?

Actionable steps for citizens to create change and vote constitutionally.

The stakes couldn’t be higher!

  • Unconstitutional Mandates
  • Unconstitutional Gun Laws disarming law-abiding citizens
  • Regulation 10NYCRR 2.13 Forced Isolation & Detention/Quarantine Camps
  • Parental Rights
  • Assembly Bill A9963 allows ANY medical procedure including surgery without parental knowledge or consent
  • Illegal Migrants
  • Fentanyl Crisis
  • Voter Fraud

“A Sheriff can and should interpose for his citizens against an overreaching federal, state, or local government.” Constitutional Sheriff Brad Rogers

Isolation camps are real and Hochul plans to use Law Enforcement to carry out her orders— but the Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer and the last stand in protecting We The People.

Join the We The People Movement to take back New York from a tyrannical government and restore the power back to the People!
Let’s stand strong and stand together!
Together we can Light the Lamp of Liberty and end the tyranny!

Please support our efforts to bring “The Sheriff” behind the National Constitutional Sheriff Movement— Richard Mack to NYS by donating to Ginaforliberty.

Gina For Liberty Event with Sheriff Richard Mack — EVENT SLIDE SHOW by




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